The Georges Group provides support to all companies that wish to trade their products on the international market.

         We connect to customers, support the negotiation, export/import documentation preparation, contracts of national and international freight, door to door logistics between the two parties and administration of all steps for customs clearance.

         We also assist in the analysis of the products to be exported and identify the need for special licenses, and if necessary we mediate the procedures for the licenses and make exports possible.

        We also represent Brazilian companies in the food industry, especially for the Middle East and Latin American countries, developing customers and carrying out the entire export process. 


- Dairy producs;

- Cereal bars;

- Whole grains and seeds;

- Olive oil and vinegars;

- Pickled foods;

- Beverages and drinks:

          - Wine;

          - Sparkling wine;

          - Grape juice;

          - Mineral water;

- Equipment and utensils:

         - Kitchenware;

         - Beekeeping supplies;

         - Equipment for veterinary and livestock farming;

         - Industrial equipment;

         - Gardening equipment;